March 2024 Update: Spring Has Sprung at the Farm!

Happy spring, everyone! We’re excited to announce that the 2024 season is officially underway at the farm.

Greenhouse Germination Underway

Two weeks ago, we fired up the furnace in the greenhouse, and the first signs of life are already emerging! In our germination station (check out the video!), we’ve got a cozy set-up with an extra cover and a humidifier to keep the soil warm and moist for our sprouting seeds.

The Garlic is up! 

Speaking of sprouts, the garlic is already poking through the straw! We were a little worried after planting them so late in December (thanks to those pesky tile drains!), but thankfully they seem to be thriving.

Tempting Weather, Sticking to the Schedule

This warm weather has us itching to get out in the fields, but we’re reminding ourselves to be patient and stick to our planting schedule. Even though it feels like spring is in full swing, there’s always the chance of a surprise frost in May, so we don’t want to jump the gun.

A Big Thank You to Tile Drains

On a positive note, our newly installed tile drains seem to be doing their job! We noticed a significant difference in the amount of water on the fields during the February snowmelt. We’re optimistic that this will make a big difference in the health and productivity of our vegetables this season.

Stay tuned for more updates from the farm as the season progresses! And just a quick note that CSA shares are still available. Visit our CSA Vegetable Boxes page for more information.