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Sweet Potatoes for Slipping: Variety #2020-1

$10.00 / pack

Dark purple skin and bright purple flesh. Showed great promise in 2020. Moderate results in 2021. It is sweeter than many purple sweet potato varieties. Earliest to flower and set seed in 2021 trial. Good choice if you want to collect your own true seed.

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Each pack includes:

  • 5 to 10 small to medium-size sweet potatoes 
  • Instructions on how to grow your own slips indoors, and
  • Instructions on how to grow your own sweet potatoes from transplanting to fall storage.

Each pack will grow a minimum of 20 slips. If you regularly break-off the 8-10 inch sprouts to root in a jar of water, many more slips will grow. I encourage you to find a few gardening buddies to share slipping sweet potatoes with if you’d like to try several different varieties.

Please note slipping packs are pick-up only. Our freezing temperatures do not allow for shipping. Ottawa pick-up will be at Gaia Organics (Previously Greta’s), 399 River Rd. on February 19 10am-Noon